OFG Label

Our company has the label Origine France Garantie. It was given by “Véritas Certification”regarding our activities in the category “textile and knitwear, sub-contracting and co-contracting” (certificate n°BVCert6026807)

This label is a guaranty for our clients that our services are all carried out in France.


If you would like to use this label on your products and benefit from the licence contract for third-party suppliers, we invite you to contact the ProFrance association who manages the label:

By phone

+33 1 40 69 38 75

Origine France GarantieUsing this label on your products

Our certificate applies to all different steps of production. We have already paid for it and this will therefore simplify your administrative procedure if you wish to have it, it will also reduce the delays and fees you need to pay to get the distribution label on all the products you want to apply it to.